Release 1.0.6 (Beta)

April 28, 2023
7 changes

This release fixes bug strictly related to 1.0.5 and add a couple of nice-to-have design tweaks to the builder.


Fixed the grid and imported classes on frontend

There was an issue that stopped the generated grid classes and the imported classes to be output on frontend. Both should now be fully working.

OpenAI API key not saving

There was an issue with the encryption function that prevented the openAI API key to be correctly saved inside the database.

Variables not showing inside the Advanced CSS Panel

The CSS variables buttons inside the Advanced CSS panel - under the Variables tab - weren't displayed correctly and prevented the copy/paste function to work as expected.

The “import styles from Element ID” function not working

While the "export styles to a class" function was working as expected, the "import styles from ID" function wasn't applying correctly.

Moved the color palette selector on top of the popup

Inspired by a BricksLabs post, we decided to move the color palette selector on top of the color popup by default. It just makes more sense.

Added a tooltip including the values of AT CSS variables

When you open the variable picker and hover the variables generated by Advanced Themer, you'll now see a tooltip with the min/max value related to the variable.

The “class preview on hover” stopped working

When hovering a class inside the class dropdown, no preview was applied even when the tweak was correctly activated inside the theme settings.