Release (beta)

May 11, 2023
1 changes

This version includes various fixes related to

  • Fixed elements not collapsing in the structure panel
  • Fixed indicators not showing on the right of the elements inside the structure panel
  • Fixed the last element in the structure panel was partially hidden
  • Fixed skipped conditions, interactions, attributes, css & class fields (inside the style tab) from triggering the “style on ID” indicator inside the structure panel
  • Fixed containers elements weren’t nesting elements from the structure panel shortcuts when belonging to the root of the structure
  • Fixed a backend design issue on Safari
  • Fixed the resize bar inside the structure panel that was overlapping with the expand elements toggle
  • Added the class field from the style tab as a trigger for the Class indicator inside the structure panel
  • Added filters to customize classes and css variables inside AT

Various bug-fixes related to 1.0.8

Please check the list on top.