Release 1.2.2

July 10, 2023
2 changes

This version includes the integration with the Core Framework plugin and the following fixes:

  • Fixed Style & Class indicators stopped working since the 1.8.2 upgrade
  • Fixed the “Superpower CSS control” was not saving the different breakpoints correctly
  • Fixed the suggestion dropdown was triggered by the delete key and the control key inside the “Superpower control”
  • Fixed a duplicated tooltip in the theme settings for the Parent Icon builder tweak
  • Fixed an issue where the shift + arrows were triggering the Move Elements tweak when the mouse was outside of the structure panel
  • Fixed a CSS compatibility issue the Loader Plus plugin
  • Fixed an issue where AT wasn’t loading the proper version of ACF PRO if the plugin was already installed by the user
  • Style Overview was loaded even if the feature was disabled in the theme settings

Core Framework Integration

If you are running the Bricks Addon released by the Core Framework team, you'll now see all the variables set in Core inside the Variable Pickr nicely sorted by groups and types.

Various bug-fixes

Please check the list on top.