August 10, 2023
6 changes

This version includes fixes for bugs that appeared in


Autoformat applies now only on fields that accept a CSS value

The autoformat was messing with text fields such as the header text that contained " - " and triggered the calc() function. Now the autoformat only applies on text fields that modify a CSS property.

The clamp() function returned incorrect “middle” values

In some cases, the middle function wasn't correctly calculated and led to undesired results on the frontend.

CSS suggestion dropdown was incorrectly triggered by the open bracket in Superpower CSS

On some keyboards, hitting the open bracket was incorrectly triggering the CSS suggestion dropdown. This has been fixed.

The clamp() function has been shortened to max 3 float digits

The clamp() function was generating unnecessary long float digits. Now the formula limits the digits to 3 after the period.

Import styles from ID returned a JS error on object values

When importing styles that contained a JS object (like padding, margin, typography, etc..), an error occurred due to a recent change in the Bricks API.

Performance boost

Some unused libraries have been dequeued inside the builder, which could slow down the general performance of the browser.