Release 2.0.2

September 26, 2023
6 changes

This release includes some tweaks improvements and a couple of fixes. If you’re using the Strict Editor Mode for your clients, this update is required asap.


“Focus on first unlocked class” improved

When the builder tweak "Focus on first unlocked class" is activated, the script will automatically unselect any locked class if no unlocked class is active on the element, so you can quickly style on the ID level without being forced to unselect the locked class first.

The data-theme attribute is now toggling correctly inside the builder

If you're writing custom CSS based on the data-theme attribute of the HTML tag - like html[data-theme="dark"] .your-class - you could experience some discrepancies between the builder view and the frontend. Now the data-attribute is correctly toggling and allows you to preview your CSS declarations correctly inside the builder.

“Disable auto-expand” wasn’t respected in Superpower CSS

If you activated "disable auto-expand" in the bricks settings and if you had "superpower CSS" activated as well, the latter didn't respect the rule set in Bricks and auto-expanded anyway. Now the auto-expand setting is compatible with Superpower CSS.

Color variables were missing inside the suggestion dropdowns

The colors generated inside the new color manager were not included in the different suggestion dropdowns. This has been fixed but not that it will only include the variables on load - new color variables created during the current session will need a builder refresh to appear inside the dropdowns.

Duplicated CSS variable suggestions in the Superpower CSS dropdown

In some cases, the CSS variable suggestion dropdown inside the Superpower CSS returned duplicated values. It wasn't always sorting the results correctly in an alphabetical order. Both issues have been fixed.

Blank screen errors for editors using the Strict Editor Mode

In some cases, the strict editor mode could generate a blank page when editing a page with the Editor role. This has been fixed.