Release 2.0.4

September 28, 2023
4 changes

This release fixes an issue with the dynamic color variables being wrongly generated with duplicated prefixes (in case you added a global prefix inside the theme settings). It also enhances the following tweaks: style overflow, superpower CSS & import styles to a class from the ID.


Import ID styles to classes improved

In some cases, importing the ID styles to a class could fail and result in losing styles on both the ID and the class. This has been fixed.

Duplicated prefix in the color variables

If you set a global prefix for the color variables in AT's theme settings, in some cases this prefix was output twice inside the variable name. This has been fixed.

Style Overview improved

The style overview has now a new style indicator on the pseudo-element buttons: an opacity .3 has been added to the buttons that have no custom style added (both for ID and classes) and the buttons with opacity 1 do have custom styles added. You don't have to switch the pseudo-element buttons one by one…

Superpower CSS improved

The new features for the superpower CSS feature: the first one is the "Component selectors generator": it allows you to generate all the CSS declarations ( with classes or IDs) of an element and all its children with one click. The second feature is the "1-click CSS beautifier": click on the corresponding icon and all…