Release 2.1.1

October 31, 2023
4 changes

This release solves bugs that appeared on the recent updates. Check them all below!


The CSS variables not showing in the Strict Editor Mode

There was an issue where the CSS variables created in AT (both global & theme variables) weren't correctly enqueued inside the builder when the Strict Editor Mode was activated for editors. This has been fixed.

Unclickable buttons in the Variable Picker

In some cases, the buttons inside the variable picker weren't clickable and thus didn't correctly copy the variable inside the control. This has been fixed.

Forced Class Preview on hover

The Class Preview on hover builder tweak was applying - even if the option was deselected inside the theme settings. This has been fixed.

Global base Font-size

In some cases, the clamp functions calculated for global variables were wrongly applying the theme base font-size instead of the global base font-size set on the theme setting. This has been fixed.