Release 2.4.2

February 9, 2024
12 changes

This release mainly fixes bugs appeared in the previous releases – and includes some improvements / new additions.


Auto-select Import Images and/or Replace Content

If you often find yourself importing templates and inadvertently overlooking the "Import Images" or "Replace Content" options, leading to repetitive redoing of the same operation, then this tweak is designed specifically for you!


Masonry Layout for the template popup grid

Activate the Masonry layout view for your template popup grid and enjoy browsing your templates with thumbnails that maintain their image ratio, regardless of their dimensions!


Drag-and-drop Classes (now integrated in core) has been deprecated

Since 1.9.6, the drag-and-drop element classes has been integrated in core, so it has been removed in AT.

Text Link elements weren’t selectable in Strict Editor View

The new element "text-link" wasn't included in the selectable list of elements inside the Strict Editor View. It has now been added.

AT Theme Settings menu item was visible to Editors in Strict Editor View

The menu "AT - Theme settings" under the Bricks menu item (in the WP Dashboard) was wrongly visible for Editors. It's now hidden by default.

Fixed a warning “Undefined array key ‘query_manager’ in builder.php”

A warning was showing in the server logs if you had no Global query items created in the new Global query manager. It has been fixed.

Resolved a JS error that caused SuperpowerCSS to fail mounting correctly

In rare cases, a JS error could impact the correct mounting process of the SuperpowerCSS field. It has been fixed.

Quick-save template not working an certain template types

The new quick-save builder tweak wasn't working correctly on specific template post types such as "section". It has been fixed.

New “Comment” icon inside SuperPowerCSS

There is now a dedicated icon in SuperPowerCSS to comment your code - you don't rely exclusively on the keyboard shortcut.

Plain classes icon is now visible even if a class is active

Previously, the plain classes icon was only visible if you were styling on the ID level. Now it's also available when a class is activated on the element.

Hide the class manager topbar icon in Strict Editor View

There was no option to hide the new Bricks Class Manager inside the builder's topbar for Editors. This has been fixed.

New attention messages when resetting global settings

New warning messages have been added when you decide to reset the global classes, color palettes, and the theme styles on the whole server.