Release 2.5.1

March 29, 2024
6 changes

This release fixes some bugs appeared in 2.5.


Added SASS integration to the Custom CSS control inside the Global Class Manager

In version 2.5, both SuperPower CSS and Advanced CSS have been integrated with SASS - but the custom CSS control of the Global Class Manager has been left behind. Now it's fully integrated with SASS.

Left tabs shortcuts weren’t always mounted correctly when Focus On first class is enabled

Since version 2.5, there was a conflict between the left tabs shortcuts and the "Focus on first class" feature that leaded to unmounted left tabs even if the class was correctly selected.

A JS error could popup when an element had a css class added, but no global class attached

When the "Styles & Classes indicators" tweak was enabled in the Structure Panel, a JS error would be generated if the element has some CSS Classes added, but no Global classes - leading to unpredictable errors in AT.

Increased compatibility with earlier versions of Bricks 1.9.7

Version 2.5 was calling native Bricks functions available since 1.9.7 without checking if they existed on the server. These functions generated a fatal error if the Bricks Theme wasn't updated to 1.9.7+.

Changes in Strict Editor Settings weren’t saved correctly in database

An AJAX error was preventing the Strict Editor settings to be correctly saved in the database from the builder, thus they were not applying in the Editor mode.

SuperPowerCSS not showing changes when navigating through style tabs

After writing code in SuperPowerCSS inside a Global Class, if you changed style tab and come back to the CSS one, the newly created custom CSS code wasn't reflecting in the editor - even if the code was correctly applied inside the preview window.