Release 2.5.2

April 3, 2024
5 changes

This release slightly improves the existing features of Advanced Themer 2.5.


Creating nested elements through the right sidebar could eventually wrongly create siblings

In some cases the newly created element wasn't correctly selected - even when the SHIFT key was correctly pressed.

Custom CSS and SuperPower CSS controls are now full-height by default when “Hide inactive Style accordion panel” tweak is enabled

When you enable the "Hide inactive Style accordion panel" builder tweak, the Custom CSS control inside the CSS tab will be full-height. Previously, full-height was only working if the left tabs shortcuts were activated.

Added a toggle for enabling/disabling keyboard shortcuts for creating new elements

In some cases, the keyboard shortcuts were unexpectedly triggered and there was no way to disable them. A new toggle on the bottom of the right sidebar has been added - and will prevent the keyboard shortcuts to be triggered if it's not set as active.

Global Classes extracted and saved from the Advanced CSS Panels are now locked by default

Previously, the extracted classes from the Advanced CSS Panels were unlocked by default - which doesn't make much sense since the styles of these classes are declared as custom css. They are now locked by default.

“Reduced Left panel visibility” in Strict Editor View was sometime not showing the panel correctly.

In some cases, the left panel inside the Editor View wasn't showing up even if all the settings were correctly configured.