Increase your Productivity with Performance in Mind

Don't let shiny add-ons bring down your page speed scores! With Advanced Themer, you can rest assured that it has absolutely no negative impact on your frontend, while maintaining a speedy backend experience just like before.

Ultra Lightweight on frontend

The plugin loads essential CSS variables and a few classes to the front end. It includes just a couple of bytes of CSS, not even a KB! Plus, there's zero JavaScript involved. Web Core Vitals will surely adore you!

Vanilla Javascript on Backend

All the scripts loading in the builder are crafted with pure Vanilla JavaScript, free of framework dependencies! It's truly the quickest method for rendering front-end applications on the web. Plus, it's future-proof - JavaScript isn't going anywhere!

The Bricks Way

Every feature is integrated like a core Bricks addition so as not to alter your overall Bricks experience. We even utilize Brick's own variables to style elements in the builder, maintaining its friendly vibe.

Developer Friendly

Advanced Themer encourages you to explore your creative side without being limited to a specific framework. With extensive customization options, it's designed to work harmoniously with you instead of creating any obstacles!

Full Control

Every feature is designed as individual elements that you can easily turn on or off whenever you like in your theme settings. Pick the ideal combination of features that suit your needs and don't get distracted by shiny options you'll never use.

Premium Support

Experiencing issues with Advanced Themer? Don't worry, we got your back! Our friendly email support team is dedicated to helping you out on a daily basis.

Manage your Colors with Ease

The Bricks Advanced Themer offers a professional upgrade to your color palettes, featuring dynamic colors, a one-click shade generator, instant dark mode, and additional elements to create fantastic theming functions.

Dynamic Colors

Convert Vanilla Bricks Colors into CSS variables

Manage & Organize Your Colors with Ease

Advanced Color Pickr

Alpha channel supported

…and much more !

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CSS Variables

Create and Manage your CSS Variables easily

Bricks responsive settings use CSS media-queries, requiring multiple element styling based on device width. Fluid variables in Advanced Themer let you add a unique style that auto-adjusts for all devices!

Variable Manager

Import your own CSS Variable Framework

Variable Picker

Variable Preview on hover

Autocomplete your CSS Variables

…and much more !

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Styles & Classes

Manage your Styles and Classes like a Pro

The Bricks class management system is getting an upgrade with Advanced Themer offering features like importing CSS stylesheets, extending classes, easy searching & replacing, and more!

Contextual Class Menu

SASS integration for Advanced CSS & SuperPower CSS

Class Manager

Group your Classes by Categories

Generate CSS with AI

…and much more !

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Builder Tweaks

Put the Bricks Builder on Steroids

The Bricks Builder is loads of fun but could use some tweaks for a smoother experience! Enjoy tons of shortcuts, quickly identify overflowing elements, easily check contrast, and many more other improvements.

Focus Point

AT Main Menu in toolbar

Move Styles over different elements, classes or breakpoints.

CSS Grid Builder

Global Query Loop Dropdown

…and much more !

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Admin Settings / Extras

Customize Advanced Themer your own way

If you're eager to try Advanced Themer but only need certain features, no problem! You have total control to switch settings on or off quickly, and keep the front-end resources under your control.

Enable/Disable any feature

Import/Export your Advanced Themer Settings

BricksLabs Integration

Resources Panel

…and much more !

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You won't build websites without it anymore!