Strict Editor View

Don't let your Clients Mess with the Design!

Clients are quite talented at letting their creativity run wild when it comes to tweaking designs! Let's guide them by activating Strict Editor View on your website. By doing this, clients will have limited access to modify style options. You can even choose which elements in the Builder they're allowed to select and modify. However, don't be over-optimistic, they'll find a way to ruin your design anyway. No question about it!

Select the controls your clients can see for each element type

Bricks has carefully chosen a set of fields that your clients can edit within the builder. However, some of these options may be confusing for non-experts. With Advanced Themer, you have the ability to selectively choose which fields your clients can edit, allowing you to hide those that you don't want them to access.

Enable/disable elements options for your clients

Select the elements that editors can access within the builder! Disabling an element ensures that they won't be able to click on it, see any associated settings, and prevent them from messing around!

No access to styling options

All the styling options have been cleared from your client builder's left panel. Amazing! But don't forget about the capacity for your clients to modify the padding or margin within the builder! You know, those green spaces beneath the active elements, right? Those have been taken away as well!

Builder tweaks for editors

When you turn on Strict Editor View, things become much easier and cleaner for your clients! The structure panel vanishes, and unwanted icons from the toolbar disappear too. We've even transformed the left panel to be super user-friendly and intuitive!

Remove Template & Settings links everywhere

As previously noted, editors can't access the built-in Bricks templates and settings. Despite this, there are quite a few links leading to them, resulting in error pages (examples include the admin bar links, dashboard menu, getting started page, and so on). This feature takes care of these by getting rid of any menu item or page directing to the template archive or global settings.

Disable links to edit the Header & Footer

In the standard editor mode, your client may not have access to the Bricks templates. However, if they edit a page featuring header/footer templates, they'll still see the characteristical red outline and the "Edit Header/Footer" button when hovering over the header and the footer, which could lead to confusion. This feature removes any visible link to header/footer templates when using the Strict Editor Mode for a more seamless experience.

Enable/Disable Any Toolbar Icon

The default toolbar icons could be a tad puzzling for clients who aren't design experts. If you're taking advantage of the Strict Editor View, it's quite likely that you simply wish to allow your clients to modify the content, while preventing them from tinkering with the settings and responsive choices. This feature enables you to manage which toolbar icons will show up in the Strict editor View.

Add your Company Logo inside the builder

This small addition can truly make an impact on your clients' impressions. This handy feature lets you replace the top-left Bricks logo with your very own.

Change the Accent Color

Maintaining consistency is important, right? When personalizing the appearance of the builder for your clients, it might be beneficial to adjust the builder's accent color to align with your company's style guide. This feature is designed precisely for that purpose!

Reduce the Left Panel Visibility

Your clients should be able to concentrate on their content without having to worry about the settings. That's why we've designed this feature to keep the left panel mostly out of sight, making it pop back into the builder only when it's truly needed, such as when adding a new image or picking an icon.

You won't build websites without it anymore!