AI integration

Welcome to the future

The AI revolution is here, and it's going to be wild! Will you join the adventure or stay behind? Sounds like a no-brainer, right? If you're ready to hop on, we've got tons of fantastic tools to make everything a breeze: creating fresh content, polishing your existing masterpieces, conjuring eye-catching images in no time or even adding that snazzy CSS flair to your Bricks pages. It's all at your fingertips, and it's incredibly budget-friendly too!

Generate Content right inside the builder

Can you believe we're living in a world where content, assets, and even codes can be generated by a friendly robot right within the builder, all for an incredibly low cost? Welcome to the future, because Advanced Themer is here as the first production-ready plugin for Bricks, seamlessly combining openAI and ChatGPT features. (Pretty neat, right?)

Using new ChatGPT API functionalities without extra cost

There's been an influx of ChatGPT tools lately, most of which charge you to use their APIs. That's totally fine! But, we've decided to take a different approach with Advanced Themer. By using your own API keys, you are billed directly by OpenAI - we don't earn anything from your daily usage. Isn't that cool? This way, it becomes incredibly affordable for you!

Add new content… or improve your existing one!

Creating fresh new content for your website with OpenAI is a breeze, but did you know you can effortlessly fine-tune the existing one too? Your content element is auto-copied into the prompt – just give some simple directions to the AI like checking grammar, adjusting the tone, or even enhancing the text overall.

Global Panel and Heading/Text element integration

There are two different panels incorporated into Bricks for your convenience! The first, the global AI panel, allows you to create cool content like completions, chats, edits, and images. The second panel is directly connected to the core text and header elements; simply click the dedicated icon, generate your snazzy content, and paste it right back inside your textarea. Easy peasy!

Advanced prompt Settings

Get the most out of the impressive openAI API by tailoring your prompts with features like custom voice tones, system context, temperature, top probability tokens, presence and frequency penalties, maximum tokens, and the number of results. Give it a shot and see the difference for yourself!

Generate AI images and save them right inside WordPress in one click

That's simply magical! Just hop onto your AI assistant, personalize your prompt, pick the number of images to create and the size format, and voila! Effortlessly, all the AI images will be crafted and stored in your media library from within the builder. So satisfying!

Write faster CSS codes with your AI assistant

Are you not super confident in CSS? Don't worry, your friendly AI assistant is here to create actionable CSS code for you! With only a few simple clicks, you'll reach your personalized prompt within the builder. After the AI generates your CSS, just tap on the main CTA to place the code right into your page's CSS. And there you have it!

Speech to Text converter

Introducing the Speech to Text AI converter, your go-to tool for effortlessly converting any audio file into text! Simply upload your audio file, choose the output language and set the desired temperature, then sit back and witness the magic unfold. The entire transcription of your audio file is generated seamlessly inside the builder, eliminating the need for manual transcription efforts.

Text to Speech converter

Introducing the Text to Speech AI feature, your ultimate solution for converting text into lifelike speech! With this innovative tool, simply input your text, select the desired voice and adjust the speed to your preference. Sit back and experience your text come to life as it is seamlessly transformed into natural-sounding speech right inside the builder. You can even save the generated audio as a .mp3 file. Say goodbye to manual reading – let the power of AI do the talking for you!

All your session requests are saved in the history tab

The History tab lets you easily find all your past prompts and AI-made content from your session. Want to go back to an earlier AI-created article? No worries, only a few clicks will take you there. Plus, you'll find handy details such as the token count per request, any unique settings you used, as well as a super helpful copy/paste Call to Action.

Chat back and forth with the AI assistant

Sometimes, it might take a few tries to achieve the perfect result. No worries, the new ChatGPT 3 & 4 API has chat functionality, which makes communicating with AI a breeze! The best part, it's seamlessly integrated within the builder. Though it's token-hungry, it will truly put a smile on your face!

Your API key is securely stored

Your database has been leaked? Well, that sucks... The good news is that your OpenAI API key is safe because it's stored using 128-bit AES encryption in your database. But next time, you may wanna ask your AI assistant for a couple of suggestions about how to correctly secure your website from database leaks!

You won't build websites without it anymore!