Known Bugs

Here is a list of known issues with Advanced Themer. Feel free to report any bug that is not in this list.

Being Reviewed

Remove all AT’s data when uninstalling the plugin isn’t working correctly

In some cases, the AT's data stored inside the wp_options table isn't correctly deleted when the plugin is uninstalled.

Typing an HEX value manually inside the color palette’s input triggers the autocomplete function

When typing an HEX color value in the ACF color field, the autocomplete function get triggered and it makes it hard to type.


This bug has been confirmed. It will be fixed once we'll ship the new color management in a future release (as it requires some massive rewrite).

Sporadic(!) JS error after enabling options in the “Builder Tweaks” section

In Bricks this is written in the console sometimes(!): Uncaught DOMException: CSSStyleSheet.cssRules getter: Not allowed to access cross-origin stylesheet temp .../plugins/bricks-advanced-themer/assets/js/builder.js?ver=1688745713:107 populateCSSVariables .../plugins/bricks-advanced-themer/assets/js/builder.js?ver=1688745713:103 init .../plugins/bricks-advanced-themer/assets/js/builder.js?ver=1688745713:5285 .../plugins/bricks-advanced-themer/assets/js/builder.js?ver=1688745713:5334 The styles i.e. of some AT thinks are then broken (see screenshot left side quick navigation)


I haven't been able to reproduce this bug yet. The author is monitoring the issue and will provide further details if it happens again.

Dark mode not working when using Bricks theme styles bg color

I noticed that if you set the background color of the site from the "Theme styles" of bricks, when you switch to dark mode it doesn't change that color (even if I used the AT palette to set the bg color). All the other colors are changed, but not that one. I think that's because of the class not added in the html tag but in the body. Is there a way to overcome this? Is quite a job to add the background on every section (there is no bg option in the bricks theme styles for the section element).


This bug has been confirmed, but changing the output from the body to the HTML tag will require a good amount of rewrite/testing. I expect to fix it for 1.3+.

When Breeze Cache Enabled, None of the AT’s Features Appear On The Builder Canvas

When Breeze Cache Enabled, None of the AT's Features Appear On The Builder Canvas


Haven't been able to reproduce the issue yet. Will investigate further.

Fixed for the next release

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