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Are you looking for an efficient way to enhance your design's consistency while also easing your development journey for a single website? Then this plan is crafted just for you!

1-Year Automatic Updates

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If you feel like one license just isn't quite enough, no worries! You might find our 5-license plan as the ideal solution for you.

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1-Year Support

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1-Year Automatic Updates

1-Year Support

Yearly Renewal

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Looking for a hassle-free experience with no renewal or license limits? Our unlimited lifetime plan is exactly what you need! Get this amazing deal while it's available - it won't last forever!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Advanced Themer compatible with other WordPress themes than Bricks?

Currently, Advanced Themer is exclusively compatible with Bricks.

Can I install ACF and Advanced Themer on the same website?

Advanced Themer comes bundled with ACF PRO. Note that both ACF and ACF PRO cannot be activated simultaneously on the same website. If you attempt to activate ACF while Advanced Themer is already active, ACF will be automatically deactivated. However, rest assured, you can still utilize all ACF functions through the bundled version of AT. The only difference is that ACF won't appear in the plugin list, and you'll rely on AT for updates. Nonetheless, all your custom fields will continue to function as usual.

Can I use the PRO features included in the bundled ACF PRO for free?

Due to recent changes in ACF's bundling policy, a premium ACF license is now required for new customers to add and manage your PRO custom fields. However, if you don't plan to use PRO fields (such as repeaters, flexible content, etc...), a premium ACF license is not required.

I’m using another plugin to manage my custom fields (example: Metabox). Will this be an issue?

We are not aware of any conflict between ACF and Metabox. In fact, many of our customers successfully use Metabox to manage their custom fields without experiencing any issues or performance drops.

Can I upgrade my license?

Yes! If you are willing to upgrade to an higher plan in the future, you can log into your account and upgrade to any available plan by paying the price difference. The upgrade is handled automatically - you don't have to neither contact the support nor wait for us to reply. Note that upgrading your license will have no impact on your actual ACF PRO bundle privileges.

Is my annual plan grandfathered on renewal?

Yes! Even if the price of your actual plan goes up in the future, you'll always renew your subscription at the price you initially paid for.

Will this plugin slow down my website?

We've put in tremendous effort to ensure that Advanced Themer doesn't hinder your website's performance, be it on the frontend or backend. The minimal inline CSS output on the frontend might just boost your First Paint Content scores! As for the builder interface, we've tested it thoroughly and can confidently say that everything runs fluidly. You should not come across any significant differences!

Do I need to have coding knowledge to use this plugin?

We've put in our best efforts to make the user interface super-friendly and easy to use for all users, even those who might not be familiar with developer stuff! It's still a good idea to have a little bit of CSS background under your belt, as you'll be dabbling with CSS variables quite often. But don't worry if you're not a coding whiz! There's still so much you can achieve without knowing all the technical details. Plus, we're in the works of creating helpful tutorials and code examples to guide you along your creative journey - you'll be a rock star in no time!

I’m already using a CSS framework. Is Advanced Themer really needed?

Advanced Themer is framework-agnostic, meaning its builder tweaks function independently of your chosen CSS framework. Many customers successfully integrate Advanced Themer with OxyProps, Core Framework or ACSS, finding immense value in the pairing. Consider Advanced Themer as a professional extension of Bricks, rather than a competitor to your preferred CSS framework. While there may be some overlapping functions, combining AT with any plugin in the Bricks ecosystem promises significant benefits and will improve your productivity even further.

Will it replace my CSS framework?

Advanced Themer was never meant to replace any existing tools, nor do we want to convince you to change the way you develop websites. We respect that you know what works best for you and your clients. At our core, what we aim for is to make your life easier and enhance your experience in building Bricks websites both faster and better. So, we've brought a new set of tools for you to try, from builder tweaks to an intuitive CSS variables GUI, and even AI integrations. We acknowledge that Advanced Themer might help you create your own CSS framework, but at this stage, it's nowhere near to replace a fully-fledged framework like Oxyprops, Core Framework or ACSS.

Does it support WooCommerce or other eCommerce platforms?

Currently, we don't have specific integrations with WooCommerce or other third-party solutions during this development phase. But no worries! You can still make use of the core functions that Advanced Themer offers across your entire site without any limits. This means you're absolutely free to use the CSS variables generated by Advanced Themer beyond bricks, including Gutenberg, LearnDash, and more!

What are the system requirements for using Advanced Themer?

Advanced Themer is typically developed using the latest Bricks and PHP versions. We aim to accommodate the widest variety of configurations, ensuring a smooth experience for everyone. If you happen to run into any issues related to your system, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team!

Is Advanced Themer compatible with WPML or any other multilingual plugin?

We're actively planning to integrate Advanced Themer with leading multilingual plugins in the future. However, this integration isn't fully developed yet. While it might function adequately, we haven't thoroughly tested it. Therefore, we recommend refraining from using AT on multilingual projects until further notice.

Can I use Advanced Themer on a WordPress Multisite installation?

Advanced Themer might work well on multisite networks, but at the moment, we're not quite ready to offer support for Multisite installations. So, if you're thinking of buying it mainly for its Multisite functionality features, it might be worth exploring some other options to ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Are there any other known conflicts between Advanced Themer and other popular WordPress plugins?

Beside multilingual plugins - as far as we're aware - there aren't any. We put in our best efforts to ensure that Advanced Themer plays well with the entire WordPress world. If you ever come across any issues with third-party plugins, don't worry! Our friendly support team will be more than happy to help you sort it out!

Is there any customer support or documentation available?

We completely understand that having great documentation is key for a successful plugin in today's market. As of now, our documentation is rather basic (read "poor"). Over the past few months, we've been hard at work developing fantastic features, leaving us little time to focus on improving public resources. However, we have big plans to enhance our documentation during the release of version 1.0, so get ready for it to be amazing! In the meantime, our friendly email customer support is here to help you from day one (Monday to Friday).

How often are plugin updates?

The updates we'll be rolling out are mainly inspired by our user community and their suggestions. Depending on how intricate the changes are, the update schedule might not always be predictable. Our goal, however, is to provide you with monthly updates that have a blend of bug fixes, improvements of existing features, and fresh new hacks.

Is there a trial version available to test the features before purchasing?

At the moment, we aren't able to provide a free trial for our Advanced Themer, but we do have a fantastic and flexible refund policy! Rest assured that if Advanced Themer doesn't suit your needs, you won't lose a single penny!

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

All purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're unsatisfied, just reach out to the support and we'll issue a full refund. No question asked!


Our Customers Love Advanced Themer!

Advanced Themer is an amazing tweaker plugin that really improves the functionality of Bricks Builder. We were pleasantly surprised by its powerful features and ease of use. With Advanced Themer, we were able to create more flexible and customized websites for our clients. It provides a wide range of tools to customize the look and feel and functionality of the website, helping us achieve a high level of personalization. This has greatly simplified our work and saved us time. In addition, Advanced Themer offers numerous ready-made customizations that can be applied to a website with a single click. Overall, we are very happy with Advanced Themer and recommend it to all web developers looking for a simple and effective way to improve Bricks Builder. This plugin really makes our work more productive and better.

Vladimir Rechnov

Verified Customer

Advanced Themer is, without a doubt, one of the plugins I would recommend with complete confidence. In reality, it impressively streamlines daily tasks with blocks and is an essential tool in all of my projects. Each new version of this plugin continues to pleasantly surprise me

Angel Julian Mena

Verified Customer
Owner at Bricks4woo

As a dedicated full stack developer specializing in PHP and JavaScript projects, Advanced Themer has truly transformed the way I approach web design. Its unwavering focus on frontend performance coupled with a comprehensive set of advanced theming features align perfectly with my aspirations of becoming a more proficient developer. The plugin’s dynamic color management, Vanilla JavaScript backend, and seamless integration within the Bricks ecosystem provide an unparalleled design experience. From fluid CSS variables to class management, every feature is a testament to enhancing creative control without sacrificing site speed. The AI integration is a groundbreaking addition that adds a new dimension to content creation. Advanced Themer is now an indispensable part of my toolkit, helping me craft web experiences that align with my goals and clients’ needs. Highly recommended for fellow designers seeking to elevate their design game while keeping performance at the forefront.

Merianos Nikos

Verified Customer
Founder at KodeFor.Me

Advanced Themer is now part of the tools that I install automatically with Bricks. The enhancement that it gives to Bricks is incredible, in terms of speed and ease of development. I will use it with ACSS, so mostly the Builder Tweaks, but I have also used it alone on a site and if you don’t want all the big baggage of a framework, then AT is enough for any site with it’s color control, variables and classes, plus the easy tools to create our own variables.

I can’t imagine using Bricks without it and you’ll surely be the same once you have tasted it.

The only problem is that Maxime improves it at a higher speed than the time we have to test new things!!

Nelson Therrien

Verified Customer
Owner at Nelmedia

Advanced Themer is sooooooo much more than a plugin for Bricks Builder. It’s a 10x game-changer for anyone building in the world of Bricks. Seamlessly enhancing the Bricks Builder’s core capabilities, AT fills in missing feature gaps with precision and grants users the ability to design dynamically and efficiently. New features are constently added (with careful consideration) and its optimization over time is truly evident, allowing for faster and more polished website building. Beyond the impeccable features, what truly makes this plugin shine is its lead developer, Maxime. A beacon of support in the Bricks/Wordpress space, Maxime’s friendly, helpful, and community-driven approach ensures that users not only have a super powerful tool but also consistent backing and guidance. We would have never imagined growing to love a plugin and Bricks workflow as much as we have over the past 4 months. Keep up the stellar work!!

Rhett Butler

Verified Customer
Founder/Creator at Frankly Design Co.

Advanced Themer is just brilliant. The focus on productivity tools and features sets it apart from any other Bricks Builder addon. Not only is Maxime a super nice guy, but he is an exceptionally talented developer who is dedicated to this product and it shows. In writing this testimonial I’m trying to think what my favorite feature is, the truth is that there are so many great features I can’t choose one 🙂

To add weight to the brilliance of Advanced Themer, I see Daniele De Rosa left a testimonial. Daniel is also a super nice guy and a brilliant developer. I might just hang with these guys and see if some of that talent rubs off 🙂

Alan Blair

Verified Customer
Owner at WP Easy

I was lucky to find this tool and feel free to buy Advanced Themer. I bought this plugin to improve my productivity with Bricks + Winden, the truth is that the experience is absolutely incredible, not only because the productivity has improved by 40% but because Mr. Maxim does not stop improving the tool, I am lucky of having the LTD plugin, and I am always attentive to the community, highly recommended plugin for Bricks Builder, if you do not have it yet, you are losing productivity and that is $ you are losing, go ahead and join our community.

Ramiro Martin

Verified Customer

Advanced Themer showed promise from the start. Since it was a plugin from Maxime, it was an instant buy. And I’m really happy I did!
AT ‘feels’ like it’s a part of Bricks, but it offers so many helpful features that building without it almost feels like you’re working with a stripped version of Bricks. It enhances the workflow, speeds things up and make Bricks even better to work with.

Maxime is very helpful and responsive in the FB community, solving questions quickly and accurately. If something can be seen as a bug he’s fast to supply a fix. And to be honest – AT offers much more than I use it for. But a quick switch disables the features I will leave to the dedicated web-devs. As a marketeer and website designer I can highly recommend AT. Seriously – you need to experience this if you like to work with Bricks. Take the step, you won’t regret it!

Michael Maximus

Verified Customer

I am new to development and the assistance of AT has provided great value for me. Its simplified my workflow, made accessing needed features easier than ever and the more I learn about development, I appreciate even more the rich features and efficiency this adds to my builds. The developer behind this product is responsive, helpful and engaged with the users of the product. Listening, answering questions and really demonstrating the effort he puts in. He has everyone wondering what great thing he’ll do next!

Justin Gallant

Verified Customer

One of the most highly recommended add-ons for Bricks Builder, I finally signed up and I couldn’t be happier. This plugin has added a lot of power to my Bricks stack, and I can’t imagine building sites anymore without it. No wait for new features which come frequently, and community feedback is incorporated quickly into the product.

Daniel Baird

Verified Customer
President at FullyManagedWeb

This is a revolutionary tool that has transformed the way I work with Bricks. The Quality of Life Improvements it offers have made web development a whole lot smoother. This tool has optimised my workflow, eliminating the struggles I once faced.

A big ‘Shout Out’ to Maxime Beguin, the brilliant developer behind this innovation. His dedication and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of ‘Advanced Themer.’ Maxime’s commitment to improving the user experience within Bricks Builder is truly remarkable, and his work has not only simplified my creative process but also inspired countless others in the web design community.

‘Advanced Themer’ is an essential resource for any serious web developer using the Bricks Builder. Thanks to Maxime’s exceptional contributions. His innovative approach has elevated development in Bricks, and I am genuinely grateful for the positive impact it has had on my work.

Dahunsi Olajoyegbe

Verified Customer
Chief Executive / Protagonist at Hatsoff Projects

If I would have to describe Advanced Themer (AT) or Maxime Beguin with one word, that would be – Wow! And – “Awesome!” Yeah, I know, those are two words, but indeed, AT and its author Maxime Beguin seem sometimes out of this world. AT has so many features that anyone can find the set of tools that corresponds to his/her workflow. AT is an inevitable addon for Bricks Builder. Once you start to use AT, soon you won’t wish to build any future Site without it.
Maxime Beguin? That man is not from this planet – seriously. I haven’t seen so fast development of any plugin/software in my life. Even in cases when the whole team was behind the product. AT has extra fast development thanks to Maxime, and his support is also speechless (in a positive way, of course). I read some people complain about lack of documentation (which is normal due to so fast development). But, I don’t see the problem because everyone can find the explanation of every AT feature in Maxime’s videos on Youtube. That’s much better than reading paragraphs of text. All in all – an AWESOME product and author too!

Sinisa Sinjori

Verified Customer

Advanced Themer isn’t just a plugin. It’s a dynamic companion that works alongside you, evolving with each project and often growing at a pace even faster than you., and occasionally makes you smile and happy. But, sometimes, it also makes you uncomfortable. It asks for your time, usually when you don’t have it to waste. It requires, from time to time, to go to settings and turn on that new feature that Maxime, its father, just introduced… Advanced Themer is also well-behaved. It acts as you would like to. Maxime listens to the large (and often helpful) AT community and adds features requested by users. Often enhancing features beyond initial requests. In essence, Advanced Themer is one helpful, fast-moving, evolving little monster you will have a hard time working without once you get used to…

Miodrag Veljovic

Verified Customer
Founder, Website designer at Supreme Design Studio

Advanced Themer has truly elevated the Bricks Builder experience. The suite of productivity tweaks streamlines the design process, and with the inclusion of exceptional CSS helpers, creating responsive designs has never been more intuitive. This plugin is a testament to innovation and efficiency, and a must-have for any Bricks enthusiast. Hats off to Maxime for this game-changing tool!

Max Ziebell

Verified Customer
Founder at worldoptimizer

Maxime’s dedication to the Bricks community is truly remarkable. The rapid integration of numerous ideas stands as a testament to his responsiveness. Advanced Themer has undeniably elevated the Bricks platform, making it a more seamless and efficient environment. In a world where time is of the essence, Advanced Themer has become an indispensable tool that no builder can afford to be without.

Robin Kesting

Verified Customer
Head development at Jointly Heroes

Advanced Themer has turned the task of starting a new project into an exciting journey of creativity, saving time like no other tool I’ve used before.

Advanced Themer has revolutionized my workflow with its impressive speed of development. The continuous enhancements and features added to the plugin have not only accelerated the pace of my projects, but also improved their quality remarkably. It’s like having a turbo-charged engine under the hood of your Bricks site – once you’ve experienced it, there’s simply no going back.

More than that, Advanced Themer offers quality of life improvements that are simply unmatched. The easy-to-use interface, the seamless integration with Bricks, and the sheer innovative nature of the features have all contributed to making the development process more enjoyable and less stressful.

The thoughtfulness and attention to detail that goes into each feature update is evident. It’s clear that Maxime is committed to constantly refining and improving the product, and this commitment shines through in every aspect of the plugin.

In summary, Advanced Themer has become an indispensable tool in my Bricks toolkit. With each new project, I find myself more and more reliant on its unparalleled speed, intuitive features, and overall quality.

Darius Dumitru

Verified Customer
CEO at Webmate

AdvancedThemer isn’t just a plugin; it’s the pivotal force within BricksBuilder that has transformed my creative process. Its integration has unlocked hours of my time while delivering exceptional results.

For a streamlined approach that blends efficiency and excellence, I wholeheartedly advocate for AdvancedThemer’s integration. This tool has become the catalyst that eradicates wasted time and propels efficiency to new heights.

If I had to choose a single Bricks plugin, AdvancedThemer would be my resounding choice. Its capabilities are unparalleled, breathing life into my designs and expanding possibilities beyond limits.

In essence, AdvancedThemer isn’t just a plugin – it’s the driving power that redefines creativity, erases inefficiencies, and embodies the essence of progress.

Eduard Leimanis

Verified Customer
Senior WordPress Developer at Design In Dc

Advanced Themer is one of the most innovative and time-saving plugins that currently exists in the Bricks universe. I have already integrated it into my workflow and as an agency we now use it in all our projects. It is constantly being developed further in close cooperation with the community. The main jewel of the plugin, however, is the developer, Maxime, whom I appreciate not only as an exceptionally good developer, but also as a person. We are really lucky to have him as part of the Bricks community!

Daniele De Rosa

Verified Customer
Developer at Bricksforge

Advanced Themer will turbocharge your workflow inside Bricks Builder. I build websites faster using Advanced Themer because the toolkit provides time-saving functions and gives valuable insights about your designs. I can’t develop without Advanced Themer. Thanks, Maxime, for your hard work and working with the user community to make AT better every day!

John Marino

Verified Customer
Owner at Busi Sites

Advanced Themer is a very complete and flexible tool for Bricks Builder. It allows you to accelerate your workflow x3, there are many functions but I want to highlight the class converter with BEM methodology and the shortcut bar. AT allows you to create your own framework and enhance it with all your functions, but if you use a framework like ACSS you can also use it without problems. Finally I find incredible the amount of features that have been released in the last month, I have not yet been able to test all of them.

John Diaz

Verified Customer
Founder at Coudix

I am absolutely blown away by Advanced Themer! As a web developer, it has completely transformed how I design websites. The process is now a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly interface and efficient features. I can create stunning sites in no time! The customizable templates and support from the AdvancedThemer team are top-notch. If you’re a web developer looking for a game-changer, give AdvancedThemer a shot. You won’t be disappointed!

Jonathan Forrester

Verified Customer

The impact of Advanced Themer on my Bricks development workflow has been nothing short of revolutionary. Without fail, it has become an integral part of every build I undertake, thanks to the substantial time savings it offers. The standout feature for me has to be the ability to seamlessly manipulate elements using keyboard commands – a functionality that amazes me. It’s difficult to find words that do justice to this product; if you want to put a jet pack on your Bricks development, look no further.

Chris Seifert

Verified Customer
Founder at Portseif

Advanced Themer (AT for friends) has significantly improved my Bricks web-building game. It’s all about efficiency and ease, with a touch of brilliance.

The shortcuts scattered across the platform have significantly accelerated my building process. Naming my classes has become effortless, thanks to the class generator. Don’t even get me started on the styling indicators like ID, class, and breakpoints – they’re a complete game-changer. Oh, and I’m super excited to try out the new class manager. Can’t wait!

Sure, I hope that most of these features will eventually be added by Bricks on their own, but I no longer need the Bricks team to deliver them to me. They’re already diligently working on so many other features.

Maxime is absolutely incredible with his responsiveness and dedication to hearing the community. He goes above and beyond what anyone could expect. His hands-on and super reactive approach in catering to customer needs is just amazing. Moreover, he is an exceptionally skilled developer.

Thank you, Maxime, for this incredible tool. It has already given so much more than I expected.

Marco Rubiol

Verified Customer
Solo at Marco Rubiol