Release 1.0.2 (Beta)

April 17, 2023
7 changes

1.0.2 focus on resolving initial bugs shared by the community.


Minor improvements and fixes

There have been numerous non-critical issues fixed in this release - mainly related to the builder tweaks features.

The Delete image icon disappeared

The Delete image icon inside the image element was not visible when the "Disable Pin on elements" feature was enabled. This was due to a CSS conflict with different panels. Adding more CSS specificities solved the issue.

Plaster compatibility CSS fix for the color grid

There was a bug when the Plaster plugin was installed on the same server as AT causing the color grid (when choosing a background color, or a typography color) to show some weird padding and background. We added specific CSS rules to override this conflict.

“Disable borders and box-shadow” feature wasn’t working correctly on v1.7.3

The feature "Disable borders and box-shadow" had a bug in the last release of Bricks due to some changes in the core VUE methods of the builder. AT now uses the updated methods and that fixed the issue.

Grid classes & imported classes weren’t updated correctly in the builder

There was a bug that deleted and recreated the grid classes and the imported classes on each builder reload, causing the classes to be removed from all the existing elements. We shifted the logic on how the classes are being created inside the builder.

Fixed Plain Classes not deleting the classes correctly

A Javascript error was generated when the script was trying to remove/reset the classes of an element.

Fixed Critical error

A PHP critical error was randomly showing on some user's websites when ACF was previously installed.