Release 1.0.3 (Beta)

April 21, 2023
17 changes

1.0.3 brings numerous bug-fixes and several improvements.


Disable any variable output produced by AT


We’re excited to let you know about the awesome new feature that many of you have requested over the past few days. You can now disable any specific category like Typography or Spacing within your AT settings. By doing this, you can prevent any potential conflicts or unnecessary bloat on your website. For those of you who find this helpful, we’ve also added the neat option to disable the admin bar item and the entire color palette Custom Post Type on the go.


New UI for the builder tweaks category


We’ve given the builder tweaks category in the UI a fresh new look by grouping them all into intuitive toggles. This will not only make it simpler for you to find and adjust settings, but it’ll also lead to faster server performance due to reduced ACF variables and database calls. Plus, this new structure makes it super easy for us to add new features on our end!

Just don’t forget to re-save your theme settings to make sure your preferences are properly updated.

And, as always, feel free to reach out with any thoughts, questions, or concerns. Happy designing!



Enable/Disable any feature

Pick and choose what features you want to use, from Typography to Spacing to Border - and even the builder tweaks, the AI integration, the admin bar item, and the color palette CPT. And if that's not enough, all of the related functions will automatically be disabled on both the backend and frontend, so you don't have to worry about bloating your website.


Added enqueue options inside the Class Importer

Some users reported that the enqueued CSS was conflicting with the CSS generated by Bricks. Now you can specify the position and the priority when enqueuing your CSS - which leads to avoiding adding further specificities to your classes in order to override the Bricks classes.

New UI for builder tweaks category

We converted the single toggles into multiple checkboxes to reduce the scrolling inside the Theme Settings and increase the overall user experience. This enhancement will reduce the calls on the database and slightly improve the server performance. Plus, it's a much better future-proof architecture for future tweaks.

Fixed a bug with the Extend Global Classes feature

When using the "Extend global classes" on several elements, a bug was "synching" the elements together (for example: deleting a class on one element deleted the same class on all the previously extended elements as well).

The clamp functions now support the CQI unit

We changed the clamp functions generated inside the fluid variables to use the CQI unit over VW in order to support the new CSS container Query.

Enhanced the backend options of the Strict Editor view

Some options of the Strict Editor view were left outside of the "Enable Strict View" toggle and created confusion about whether they were applied on the whole site or only on the Editor View. They are now visible when the toggle is enabled - thus applying only on editor view.

Default Column Settings for the elements list

Now you can set the default number of columns to apply to the elements grid and it will reflect on reload.

Enhanced the Advanced CSS panel

We removed an unused keyboard shortcut from the Theme Settings and reordered the panels inside Advanced CSS in order to show the Page CSS on click.

Fixed the dashboard menu order

When multiple Bricks Addons were installed, the AT menu items were randomly ordered. They have been pushed to the bottom of the Bricks Menu.

min/max values now support 2 decimals values

This consent you to quickly copy and paste fluid scale values generated by Utopia.

Fixed the links inside the AT Panels

The links next to the title of the Resource and Variable Picker panels were landing on the generic Theme Settings page. Now they also open the correct tab on load.