Release 1.0.5 (Beta)

April 27, 2023
13 changes

we’ve got some exciting updates to share with you! ?

Introducing the New Backend UI for Theme Settings


We’ve revamped the Theme settings page to make navigation a breeze! With the new left tabs and categories, you’ll enjoy a buttery smooth backend experience, and say goodbye to endless scrolling.

Not just a pretty facelift, we also re-engineered how data is saved to the database. So keep in mind, you’ll have to refresh your fields inside your wp_options table to reflect these new changes. Worry not! We have a convenient “Reset Theme Settings” function to ensure you clean out any obsolete entries and pave the way for fresh ones.

Don’t forget to back up your current variable settings in an external file, and readd them in manually after resetting the theme options.


Import/Export your Theme Settings


Since it was a clear global request from the community, we added an Import/Export tab on the Settings page. Clicking the export button will give you a JSON file containing all your theme options. To transfer the settings to a different site, simply upload that JSON file inside the import field, and voila!

Be sure to save your current settings before exporting. All the unsaved options will be ignored in the export file.

Take note, though, due to potential conflicts on target sites, we exclude uploaded files/images from the JSON export. So when using the class importer feature, resources, or other fields requiring uploads inside WordPress, you may need to reupload them manually.


Say Hello to Utopia: New Typography/Spacing Default Values!


We’ve updated the default typography/spacing values from Material UI scale to Utopia’s fluid scale, marking a first step in enhancing future integration. Loyal to the old-schoolers? Just save your default AT values elsewhere, reset your theme settings, and enter them back in.


Enhancements, Bug Fixes, and More!


Expect cool new features and bug fixes from the latest release. Want the full scoop? Check out changelogs and the YouTube overview on these upgrades in action.

Happy updating! ?


Add elements to your structure panel on the fly!

Check out this amazing new addition - the right sidebar! We have included the most popular elements right in the sidebar for easy access. Just with one click on your desired icon and the element of your choice will magically nest perfectly inside the structure panel.


Import your own CSS Variable Framework

You can now easily create custom categories without relying on AT's preset ones. With this new feature, you have the freedom to customize your categories and link them with any variables you're already working with, regardless of their origin, be it from code blocks, child themes, or any other sources. Simply upload a JSON file that includes your organized structure, and voila! All your variables will appear in the Variable Picker for easy access.


Variable Preview on hover

We've added a neat little feature called Variable Preview on Hover. This cool trick allows you to easily preview the effects of variables on your fields just by hovering over them - all while the main panel is visible! No more clicks needed to see the changes. It will save you a ton of time!


Import/Export your Advanced Themer Settings

One of the top features you've all asked for is finally here! You now have the power to export all your theme settings right into a JSON file and just as easily import it to any website of your choice that is using Advanced Themer.


Allow upload of JSON and CSS files in the Media Library

Since we introduced the framework import feature that relies on a JSON file for the categories and variables, you'll need to consent to the Media Library to upload JSON MIME files. We added a simple toggle in the settings to do so. And since some users weren't able to upload .css files, we added the CSS option as well.


Reset your Theme Settings at any time

To keep things fresh and avoid any unnecessary clutter, we added a simple function that deletes old, unused data from the database. , Just give that 1-click reset button a tap to effortlessly clear all the Theme settings data on your server.


Resize the AT popups inside the builder

We added new icons inside each modal (Variable Picker, Advanced CSS, etc...) to resize the popup, or stick it to the left/right panel.

Customize the tabs inside the Advanced CSS Panel

You now have the option to pick and choose which tabs you'd like to see in the Advanced CSS Panel. Feel free to toggle between Page CSS, Global CSS, Child Theme CSS, Imported CSS, and the AI Assistant. Have fun customizing your view!

New Backend UI for the Theme Settings

We know the backend previously felt quite intense and a bit difficult to manage. So, we've made some changes by introducing left-sided tabs to help make navigation easier and cut down on scrolling.

Fixed a Grid Color design issue on Safari

The grid color wasn't displaying properly on Safari before, causing the colors to appear as ovals. We've fixed it! Now, they're showing with a perfect 1:1 aspect-ratio even on Safari.

Solved a plugin conflict related to the license Management

Some users experienced compatibility glitches with plugins that shared the same license management program as Advanced Themer. This caused a "Links expired" page to pop up when attempting to activate the license. This issue should be fixed by now.

Enhanced Firefox support

We initially had some portions of our code using the CSS relational pseudo-class :has(), but it turns out Firefox doesn't support it yet. This caused a few JavaScript errors and some design issues, so we decided to rewrite that part of the code. Now, everything should be running smoothly without any reliance on :has().

Updated the default Typography/Spacing fluid scale

This is the first step towards Utopia's fluid scale integration! We've said goodbye to the old (and lengthy) typography/spacing default values based on Material UI and embraced the values used by Utopia instead. Keep an eye out for even more integrations in our upcoming releases!