Release 1.0.8 (Beta)

May 10, 2023
11 changes

we’ve got some exciting updates to share with you!

Improved Backend Experience & Partial Code Rewrite


I won’t lie: this update makes me slightly nervous. 😅 We’ve changed thousands of lines of code to improve the backend UI and AT’s modularity. You can now enable/disable virtually any category, tab, and individual option in the backend, and it will reflect in both the builder UX and the resources loaded on the frontend.


Do you need to reset your theme settings? It’s not absolutely necessary, but highly recommended. If you already have tons of CSS variables and don’t want to input them all again, that’s fine – you can safely skip the reset. In the future, we’ll likely upgrade the reset function to target specific data instead of deleting everything. Some options may need to be selected and saved again.


However, it’s essential to save your theme settings once you’ve updated the plugin. This way, all the new data will be accurately stored in the database, and you won’t experience critical errors or warnings.


Tons of enhancements and bug fixes.


There are too many to list here, but they include acf_form() compatibility, the clamp unit for older browser support, fixing some display errors in the builder, and more.


New shortcut indicators


This feature has been requested a lot in the past, and now it’s finally here! Both the style shortcuts (inside the left panel) and the pseudo-element shortcuts indicate if a custom value is set in the element. A new builder tweak has also been introduced to display indicators inside the structure panel to identify which elements have custom styles on the ID level and which ones have a global class set!




We had some cool features in the queue that we decided to delay (such as SCSS compatibility inside the Advanced CSS panel) to focus on bug fixes and finally release the stable version. We’ll continue to do that over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, we should be all set by the end of May!

Stay tuned and happy updating!


Style indicators for the left panel and the pseudo elements shortcuts

You know that layout style tab? If an element has custom values set up within that group (or any other group!), a small indicator will appear in the left panel shortcuts. How cool is that? With this neat function, you can easily see which styles are set up on the element - without even browsing your style tabs. This feature even works with styles applied on pseudo-elements such as hover, before and after!


Style & classes indicators inside the structure panel

Once you enable the option within your theme settings, you’ll be able to easily identify which elements in your structure panel have custom styles applied on the ID level and which ones have global classes. Just look for the small indicators, and you’ll never have to search for them again.


“View page on new tab” shortcut

We have incorporated a beneficial feature of presenting an option to open the frontend page on a new tab. Initially, this icon remains hidden within the topbar of the builder, but now, we have introduced a global builder tweaks option to conveniently enable this feature.


Fixed various small bugs and errors

They are too much to list here, but 1.0.8 includes tons of small enhancements and bug fixes.

The Theme Settings have a new look and functionalities

We edited thousands of rows in the code to make it happen! The backend is now easier to navigate with the left tabs across all the tabs. The categories now reflect the ones on the website. But the best part is: every option is now totally customizable! Disable any category, tab, or single option in…

Optional enqueue for your imported class

Before 1.0.8, all your imported class CSS files were enqueued by default. That's great if your CSS file is not enqueued elsewhere (using a child theme or a 3rd-party plugin). But if it is, now you have the ability to "just" parse and load the imported classes inside the builder without enqueuing the CSS.

Display issue on fields with dynamic icon within the query loop popup

Some inputs that include dynamic data inside the query builder popup weren't showing the value correctly due to CSS conflict.

ACF PRO updated

Due to a vulnerability in ACF PRO version 6.1.5 and below, we updated the plugin to 6.1.6 for security reasons.

Error when using acf_form()

A fatal error was showing when using the acf_form() function. This has been solved.

Added A backward compatibility for the clamp() functions

Since version 1.0.4, AT uses the new CQI unit for the generated CSS clamp functions - which is widely supported on modern browsers but suffers from backward compatibility issues on some oldest browser versions (hi Safari!). We added an option inside the fluid settings to choose which unit you're willing to embrace.

Autofocus when adding an element from the sidebar

When holding the shift key on the keyboard and clicking on any element shortcut from the right sidebar, AT will create the element inside the structure panel and automatically set the new element as active - so you don't have to click on it again in order to modify the content or add child elements…