Release (Beta)

May 30, 2023
8 changes

This version includes various enhancements & fixes related to 1.0.9.


Move elements inside the structure panel

With the activation of this feature, you'll gain the flexibility to easily move elements within the structure panel using either keyboard shortcuts or the contextual menu. The versatile movement options include shifting active elements up or down among siblings or altering the indentation position by moving them left or right.


Hide inactive Style accordion panel

Hide all the inactive accordion panels within the Style tab and focus on the styles you want to edit. This will significantly reduce unnecessary scrolling inside your element's settings.


Preview your CSS Variables from the suggestion dropdown

Effortlessly view your CSS variables within the iframe window by simply hovering over, or navigating through the suggested values in the dropdown menu using the UP and DOWN arrow keys.


Bug fixes

Too much to list them all :)

Improved Light Theme compatibility

Some AT elements weren't designed correctly for the Light builder theme.

Improved RTL support

For the users that uses the Right to Left mode inside the bricks builder, the user experience should now be drastically improved.

Added “Shape Dividers” in the Tabs Shortcuts list

If selected, the "shape dividers" icon will show up inside the Tabs Shortcuts panel if the element supports it (section/container/block/div).

Tabs Shortcuts Top Offset

You can now control the distance between the Bricks logo and the first icon shortcut inside the builder.