Release 1.0.9 (Beta)

May 24, 2023
15 changes

we’ve got some exciting updates to share with you!


15 new features.


1.0.9 introduces tons of new features: the class converter, the ability to change the HTML tags from the structure panel, copy and clone classes, etc… Please check the video below to get an overview of all the new possibilities in Advanced Themer!


Class Converter

With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly transform the ID styles of an entire component (including its multiple children) into easily customizable classes, all with just a few clicks of a button! Since 2.4, the class converter supports nested Class Components and can be ran multiple times to update existing classes with new ID styles.


Breakpoint Indicators

This function will display a device icon beside the style group that includes personalized settings, enabling swift identification of breakpoints with custom styles for quick and effortless navigation among them.


Indicators of styles inherited from a class

After activating this particular feature, you will notice a fresh blue dot appearing alongside any control that has already been styled through a class. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of which value has been styled on the ID level and which one has been styled through a class.


“Class Highlight” indicator in the structure panel

This feature highlights with a blue outline the elements sharing the same class inside the structure panel. It efficiently allows you to verify at a glance which element in your structure possesses a particular class.


Locked Class Indicator

A.T. will thoughtfully incorporate a green background for all the editable classes and a red background for all the locked classes. This visually appealing and intuitive modification enables you to easily identify the classes you can edit on the fly, thereby enhancing your user experience.


Style Indicators in the media queries panel

With this new feature, you won't have to worry about managing styles on various breakpoints anymore. Once activated, you'll notice clear indicators below each breakpoint where customized values have been applied.


Clone any class

Clone any class quickly and easily, hassle-free, with just two clicks inside the builder. The newly-created class will include all the styles related to the previous one, making it super convenient.


Copy class to clipboard

With just one click, effortlessly copy the name of any global class to your clipboard and seamlessly paste it onto any other element hassle-free.


Tag manager inside the structure panel

If you're looking for an easy and efficient way to manage your HTML structure inside the builder, look no further than our improved structure panel. With just a glance, you can quickly review all the HTML tags attached to your elements and make any necessary changes right then and there.


Hide/show any element from the structure panel

Effortlessly toggle the visibility of an element with ease through the contextual menu in the structure panel, without having to search through the element's styles for the display control.


New “structure panel” tab inside the builder tweaks options

A new "Structure Panel" tab has been created inside the builder tweaks. It will contain all the tweaks related to the structure panel (icons, contextual menu, etc...).

Tons of bug fixes

They are just too much to be listed :)

New options in the “extend classes & styles” features

The "Extend classes & styles" feature has been slightly improved. It includes a new "children" DOM target and readable labels for the style and element select fields.

“Disable styling on ID level” feature has been revamped

This feature hasn't got the attention it deserves, so we decided to rebuild it from scratch. Once this feature is activated, the style tab will be locked (and not hidden anymore) and can be unlocked inside the builder.

The builder tweaks scripts have been refactored

The scripts running inside the Bricks builder have been completely refactored to be even more flexible and future-proof for future releases of Bricks.