Release 1.1

June 9, 2023
7 changes

we’ve got some exciting updates to share with you!


First Stable Release


Woo-hoo! The stable release has finally landed! 🎉 You’re now all set to install Advanced Themer on your production sites.

But wait, does that mean it’s totally bug-free? Well, not exactly. We still have some minor known issues to sort out, but they shouldn’t bother most users or stop you from using Bricks like you’re used to.

With this stable version, your website should be safe and AT should play well with the commonly used plugins our community loves.

Plus, the plugin architecture is looking pretty solid.  Adding more cool features in the future should be smooth. 🚀

This release also includes 10+ new features and enhancements. Check them out!


Highlight Parent Elements

When you select this option, a light blue highlight will be added to the background of all parent elements associated with the active element within the structural panel so you can catch them on the fly.


Highlight Nestable Elements

When you opt for this option, you will notice the icons of the nestable elements in the structure panel beautifully highlighted with a shade of blue so you can catch the nestable parent at a glance.


Delete Wrappers & Move Children Up

You'll notice a new icon appearing in the 'Delete' section of the structure panel. This function empowers you to only remove a wrapper, while seamlessly repositioning all its related elements higher up within the structure.


The “Hide element” function is now dynamic

When clicking on this contextual menu item, the element will be set as display:none. If the element has display:none set, clicking the menu item will remove the display property.

Autofocus on the AT’s input fields

When opening the Plain Class modal, exporting the styles from the ID to a class, or cloning a class, the input will be automatically focused, so you can directly write your values inside it without clicking on it.

Save input fields with keyboard shortcuts

You can now use SHIFT + ENTER shortcut to save the export styles to class and create clone classes - no need to click the save icon anymore.

Bug fixes

Too much to list them all :)