August 9, 2023
13 changes

we’ve got some exciting updates to share with you!

This release solves bugs appeared on the recent updates, and add some new features as well. Check them all below!


Autoformat your control values with advanced CSS functions

Want to quickly generate a fluid clamp function? Or convert a pixel value to REM on the fly? This is now super easy to do with our autoformat functions. It supports clamp(), calc(), min(), max(), var(), autoclose variable brackets and pixel to REM converter.


Basic text / Rich text / Heading converter

Just like the block/div/container converter, this function will allow you to easily convert a Basic text element to a Rich text or a heading without modifying the styles and attributes you already set on the original element.


Element Shortcuts not working on Template Section

There was an issue that prevented the element shortcuts to work properly inside the template "section". This has been fixed.

History not working correctly in the Builder

A JavaScript conflict prevented the core History function of Bricks to work properly. This has been fixed.

Expand classes issues

An error occurred when expanding an element that had no classes set in the Style tab -> CSS -> Class field. This has been fixed.

Keyboard shortcuts not working on Windows

An additional condition has been added to trigger the keyboard shortcuts when hitting a meta key OR an alt key (for win users).

Autocompletion issue on foreign keyboards

Some foreign keyboards were incorrectly triggering the suggestion dropdown due to different event.key set on these keyboards. The code has been improved to support all foreign keyboards.

Buttons in Advanced CSS not working correctly in Firefox

There was a z-index issue on Firefox that prevented the buttons in Advanced CSS to be correctly hovered. This has been fixed.

Tag Manager issues in Firefox

There was a :has() function not supported by Firefox in the CSS and was messing with other supported declarations for the Tag Manager. This is now fixed.

Superpower CSS Performance issues

The function has been partially rewrote to avoid "hacking" the Bricks CodeMirror instance. Now Superpower CSS runs its own separate CM instance without relying on Bricks, thus it should be way more performant and (hopefully) doesn't cause any slowdown to the builder.

Lorem ipsum generator and AI icons not showing on headers

Bricks has recently changed some classes inside the builder. It was preventing AT to output the shortcut icons on headers. This has been fixed.

ACF flexible content default text was modified by AT

When adding a Flexible content field in ACF PRO, the default text of the "Add Row" button was modified by AT like this "Click the "%s" button below to start creating your own CSS variables" instead of "Click the "%s" button below to start creating your layout". Now this text will apply only to the…