Release 1.3

August 18, 2023
17 changes

we’ve got some exciting updates to share with you!

Introducing Class Manager


Get ready for something you’ve been waiting for! Now you can totally rock at managing your classes with this brand new Class Manager feature. We’re talking about cool filter options (like which classes are active on the current page, which classes have styles assigned, or even which ones are locked/unlocked), quick buttons for all sorts of actions (add, delete, rename, duplicate, change order, quick lock/unlock), a list showing you which elements are using a specific class, a sneak peek at the CSS magic Bricks does on the frontend, and guess what? You can even slap on some custom CSS right from the Class Manager. Give it a spin – you’re gonna love it! 🚀


Class Manager

We finally have it! This game-changer will allow you to easily manage your global classes. It includes advanced filtering options (classes active on the page, filter by lock status, or if they contain styles in it), and functions such as add/edit/rename/reorder/duplicate/delete classes. You can even drop Custom CSS declarations inside the class and check the generated code on frontend by Bricks.


Component Class Manager

This is like the Global Class Manager but applied to a selected element in the structure panel - so you don't have to browse your classes anymore to fix a component. Just select an element and open the Component Class Manager to easily manage the classes assigned to that specific element and all his children.


Auto-select Import Images in the Template popup

How annoying is it to import a full template on your page, but realize you forgot the option to import the images? Now you have to delete all and redo the steps again. Well, not anymore. Advanced Themer checks the "import images" for you every time you open the template popup.


CSS doesn’t always apply inside Superpower CSS

There was an issue where the CSS code inserted inside the Superpower CSS wasn't refreshing quickly enough to get applied on the builder, and potentially created errors on the frontend.

Typing “!” wasn’t triggering the suggestion dropdown in Superpower CSS

There were no more "!important" autocomplete suggestions inside the Superpower CSS. This has been fixed.

:before and :after styles not applied correctly

In some cases, the styles applied to the pseudo-classes ":before" and ":after" weren't correctly reflected on frontend.

The element shortcut sidebar wasn’t sticky anymore

When scrolling a long structure panel, the element shortcut sidebar was scrolling too - and led to getting the shortcuts hidden.

Superpower CSS wasn’t mounted correctly when switching breakpoints.

In some cases, the CSS control field wasn't correctly loaded after changing a breakpoint, and you ended up with an empty field.

Lorem/AI icons visible inside the class dropdown of the header element

When opening the class dropdown of a heading element, a z-index issue led to incorrectly showing the Lorem Ipsum and AI shortcut icons.

1-column layout to the elements list

Now you have the option to list all your elements in a 1-column layout.

New shortcut elements

The following element shortcuts have been added to the right sidebar: code, template & SVG.

Class converter didn’t parse multiple “root” in custom css

There was an issue that led the class converter to parse the "root" value of the custom CSS only once. Now it convert all the root values found.

Enhanced Firefox compatibility

On Firefox, some buttons were hardly clickable due to the Firefox-specific way of calculating the z-index on elements (which is a mess!).