Release 2.0.3

September 27, 2023
4 changes

This release includes a hotfix for users who didn’t see the dynamic colors created with the Color Manager inside the builder anymore. It also includes a couple of new improvements.


Suggestion dropdown inside the Superpower CSS improved

When dealing with a large amount of CSS variables, the suggestion dropdown inside the Superpower CSS was peaking the memory usage and could generate slowdowns inside the builder. The function has been improved to reduce memory usage and the lag when typing inside the Code Editor.

“Active color on page” indicator improved

The first version of the indicator "Active colors on the current page" inside the Color Manager was scanning the colors on the elements of the page (on the ID level). Now this indicator also scans the classes assigned to the elements and the active theme styles.

Darkmode toggle and button improved

Both the darkmode button and the toggle ran an animation on load. This animation has been removed and runs only when clicking on the toggle/button once the page has been loaded.

Color variables not visible inside the builder

In case you were using color names with capitalized letters or invalid CSS characters, the variables may be wrongly parsed inside the builder and result in transparent preview values. This has been fixed and the script will restore your previous values in case you're actually experiencing the issue.