Release 2.2.1

November 28, 2023
8 changes

This release mainly fixes bugs appeared in the previous releases – and includes some improvements / new additions.


Style Overview Shortcut

This new shortcut will show up when a global class is active and will allow you to open the class manager with the current global class already selected and ready to be modified using the advanced tools integrated within the Class Manager.


Expand Spacing Controls improved

The left/right expanded spacing controls had some conflicts with the suggestion dropdown and didn't always applied the variable clicked. To solve the issue, we had the to remove the width 100% on focus.

Draggable Structure Panel Improved

The element shortcut bar wasn't displaying correctly on firefox when the draggable structure panel was activated. The contextual menu was also hidden on the background of the structure when the draggable was activated. When dock/undocking the structure panel, the height and position were reset - now the builder "remembers" the height and position of the…

Component Class Manager improved

The bulk actions inside the component class manager weren't filtering the actual component classes, but use the whole global classes list. Now you can use the bulk actions (rename, duplicate, group, delete) only on the classes included in your component without having to apply any specific filter.

New Export option in Class Manager

You have now the ability to export a custom selection of global classes using the bulk actions of the Class Manager. The function will create a JSON file containing the global classes you specifically filtered. The JSON file can be then imported on any Bricks website (even if AT isn't installed) through the core class…

New option for the “Lock ID Styles” feature

A new optional setting has been added to the "Lock ID styles" feature: you can now enable it only if the current element has at least 1 global class set. This options is particularly useful if you tend to style your elements on the ID level first, and then run the Class Converter to move…

Responsive Helper improved + bug fix

The new Responsive Helper was generating a JS error if you set your breakpoints as Mobile First (typo error). When using the Desktop First breakpoints, The minimum value on mobile devices changed from 240px to 320px. You can customize this value by setting a "width builder" value inside the breakpoint settings. When no "width builder"…

Tabs Shortcut improved

When the left Tabs Shortcut feature was enabled, the "Expand" icon wasn't visible anymore after minimizing the element panel. Now the Tabs Shortcut gets hidden when the element panel is minimized, and the expand icon is back.