Release 2.5

March 27, 2024
44 changes

we’ve got some exciting updates to share with you!

SASS Integration and CSS coding enhancements


This update brings exciting new capabilities when dealing with Custom CSS, allowing you to integrate SASS into your workflow. With the experimental SASS integration for Advanced CSS and SuperPower CSS, you are now able to write nested CSS declarations and leverage the power of the SASS syntax into your builds. Additionally, improvements have been made to SuperPowerCSS, including the addition of a new Fullscreen mode, adjustments to the display of the shortcuts cheatsheet, better suggestions inside the dedicated dropdown and a couple of bug fixes.


UX Enhancements


Several enhancements have been made to the user interface to improve your overall experience with AT and to decrease the amount of shortcuts spread all over the builder. The addition of the AT Main Menu in the toolbar and the Contextual Class Menu make it easier to access the builder tweaks without getting crazy with the backend options. Additionally, improvements to the theme settings UX should increase the backend readability.


New Keyboard shortcuts


A particular effort has been made for the keyboard shortcuts lovers! You are now able to add new elements inside your structure panel using the keyboard, navigate between your style tabs, and open new AT modals such as “Plain Classes”, the “Global Query Loop Manager” and “Find & replace”.


Better Client Editing Control


Users now have more control over client editing permissions, with the ability to select which controls clients can see for each element type. Furthermore, the specific builder tweaks for the Strict Editor View have been improved without the need for you to mess with any CSS code – including new tweaks to show/hide specific parts of the builder and a revamped ” reduced left-panel visibility” feature.


Improvements to the Template Tweaks


A new “Featured Image” column has been added to the Bricks template page & the related builder tweaks have been refined.


Bug Fixes and Misc Improvements


This release contains many bug fixes. Stability improvements have been implemented to ensure a smoother user experience.


Contextual Class Menu

Advanced Themer provides a variety of functions to enhance your classes and styles capabilities within the Builder. Previously, these functions were scattered all over, with numerous icons cluttering the UX. Now, this feature consolidates them into a single, convenient contextual menu.


Add a Featured Image Column in the Templates Admin Screen

If you find yourself with a large number of templates, it can sometimes be challenging to locate the one you want to edit. With this new feature, a preview of the featured image is added as a new column in the template list. This makes it effortless to identify the template you're looking for at a glance.


Copy/Paste/Reset all the global classes from one element to another

Do you find yourself repeatedly using utility classes and typing them out each time? Put an end to the repetition! This enhancement enables you to easily copy all the global classes from one element and paste them onto any other element within your structure. Need to remove them all? The reset button is right at your fingertips!


Select the controls your clients can see for each element type

Bricks has carefully chosen a set of fields that your clients can edit within the builder. However, some of these options may be confusing for non-experts. With Advanced Themer, you have the ability to selectively choose which fields your clients can edit, allowing you to hide those that you don't want them to access.


AT Main Menu in toolbar

Looking to simplify the topbar by reducing the number of shortcuts? Well, your wish has been granted! Now, all the global functions of Advanced Themer are thoughtfully organized and accessible within a single, easy-to-use dropdown menu.


SASS integration for Advanced CSS & SuperPower CSS

Have you ever pondered the idea of integrating SASS into your Bricks experience? Well, wonder no more! With Advanced Themer, you can bring the power of SASS directly inside the Builder, opening up a world of endless possibilities and creative expression right at your fingertips.


Major Dynamic data compatibility in Global Query Manager

The script running the Global Query Manager Editor is now able to parse Bricks Dynamic data.

Masonry view inside the template popup was breaking the layout of the unsplash popup

The css rules applied to the masonry view of the template popup were conflicting with the Unsplash image popup and were badly rendering the image layout.

Increase the input space for margin/padding controls when the variable picker is active

When the tweak "Increase the input space for margin/padding controls" was enabled, the space dedicated to the text input was slightly reduced due to some padding applied to the variable picker. Now, the text input should be slightly larger.

Gutenberg CSS declarations are now conditionally enqueued only if a blocks is detected in the page.

Previously, all the Gutenberg-related styles generated by Advanced Themer were created on all pages. Now, Advanced Themer will conditionally output these styles if any Gutenberg block is present on the page. This tweak could significantly reduce the amount of CSS declarations generated by AT on non-Gutenberg pages.

Advanced CSS has been moved inside Builder Tweak tab.

The Advanced CSS options were previously located inside the "Classes & Styles" tab which generated some confusion for users that couldn't find it in the builder tweaks. It has been moved inside the following tab: Builder Tweaks -> Classes & Styles -> Advanced CSS Editor on the bottom of the screen.

New keyboard shortcuts for Query Loop Manager, Find & Replace and Plain Classes.

New keyboard shortcuts have been added to open the following AT's modals: Query Loop Manager, Find & Replace, Plain Classes.

Keyboard shortcuts are now compatible for WIN users.

The shortcuts available in AT should now be working even if you're a Windows user.

Generate Global Classes from your Child Theme CSS (Advanced CSS).

You can now generate global classes (and easily reuse them inside the builder) from your child theme. The option was already available for the Global CSS tab of the Advanced CSS panel - it has now been extended to the child theme tab as well.

Added “Divider” as element shortcut, and removed “Social Icons” & “Icon box”.

The list of elements you can quickly create through the right sidebar has been slightly refreshed: both "social icons" and "icon box" elements have been deprecated while the "divider" element has been added to the list.

Removed the “tab” conditional loading for Builder Tweaks. All the tweaks are visible by default.

Previously, an extra condition was available to enable/disable categories in Builder Tweaks -> General tab, such as "Elements", "Classes & styles" etc... While the General tab was handy to disable an entire category of builder tweaks, it created more confusion for users who weren't able to see the correct tabs available on the left if…