Release 2.6.4

May 31, 2024
10 changes

This release introduces two new features: the Dynamic Data Modal & the Image Mask Helper. It also improves how you handle CSS Theme variables and solve some annoying bugs.


Dynamic Data Helper

If you frequently use dynamic tags in your builds, you're likely familiar with how small the dynamic data dropdown is, often requiring extensive scrolling to find the tag you need. With this new feature, scrolling is a thing of the past! All your dynamic tags are displayed in a fullscreen, filterable modal, making it incredibly easy to find the tags you're looking for.


Image Mask Helper

Bricks offers a handy set of 24 SVG masks for your images, but there's currently no way to preview them within the builder — you have to try each one individually to find the right fit. With this new feature, all available masks are displayed in a fullscreen modal, making it super easy to select the one that best suits your design!


CSS Variables Conversion script could lead to conversion failure.

In some cases, the CSS Variable Conversion script that convert your old AT variables into core Bricks variables (since 2.6) could fail and produce unexpected results. The conversion script has been tweaked to manage some edge cases.

Clicking on the Structure Panel header icons could wrongly trigger the draggable/resize function.

In the previous releases, if you quickly clicked on structure panel icons (such as the tag manager icons) it could trigger the draggable/resize function of the structure panel. Now the same function is only triggered when clicking on the structure title.

Dynamic Data dropdown hidden in popup controls

Since 2.6, clicking on the dynamic data icon inside a popup control (such as the color/border/boxshadow popups) would produce no visual effect since the dropdown was set to display: none. This has been fixed.

Content tabs could disappear when “Hide inactive accordion panels” tweak was active

A CSS conflict could lead to make some Content tabs hidden when "Hide inactive accordion panels" tweak was active. This has been fixed.

Layout issue with SuperPowerCSS

The style group labels could overlap the SuperPowerCSS control when adding long CSS declarations. This has been fixed.

Custom CSS codes on the ID level weren’t correctly removed with Class Converter

When running the Class Converter and selecting the "Remove ID styles" option, all the ID styles were correctly removed except for custom CSS. This has been fixed.

Removed a server request when enqueuing CSS Theme variables.

The CSS theme variables are now enqueued as an inline style element and doesn't rely on an external css file.

New enqueue options for the CSS Theme variables.

Since 2.6, the theme variables where output inside the Footer by default to ensure they correctly override the global variables initialized inside the Head tag. This method could create FOUC. Now the default output position will be Head. You will also be able to set the priority manually. The higher the priority you choose, the…