Release 2.6

May 14, 2024
43 changes

Version 2.6 marks a significant milestone with substantial changes affecting both the backend and frontend. Although it has undergone extensive testing and received minimal bugs in RC1, it’s strongly advised to update AT in a staging environment first. This allows you to ensure everything functions as expected before deploying it to production. Remember to backup your site before upgrading to prevent any potential data loss in case of unforeseen issues.


CSS Variables Integration & compatibility with 1.9.8


A significant effort has been invested to seamlessly integrate Advanced Themer with Bricks’ new CSS Variable Manager, introduced in version 1.9.8. Your global CSS variables set in AT will automatically migrate into the builder. Both the variable picker and AT’s variable manager have been revamped to align perfectly with Bricks 1.9.8, providing new features to enhance your workflow even further. Additionally, the generated clamp functions now adapt dynamically to setting changes across your site. Various tweaks have been enhanced to ensure compatibility with the 1.9.8 updates.

New Exciting Additions


As with every major release, we’re introducing some exciting new tweaks! Say hello to the new focus point modal, designed to assist you in setting the ideal focus point for all your images and background-images, ensuring they shine on every device and aspect ratio. Explore the advanced visibility settings, granting you the power to show/hide specific elements solely inside the builder or on the frontend. With just one click, merge your global classes effortlessly. Plus, dive into the latest addition to our AI toolbox: the text-to-speech feature!


UX Improvements


This release also focuses on enhancing your overall experience with Advanced Themer by addressing several annoying bugs, including:

  • Control popups such as Border or Box-Shadow will no longer close when the user selects a CSS variable from the variable picker.
  • The Hide/Show element option inside the class contextual menu is now visible even when a global class is active.
  • Updated the delimiter from space to comma when adding multiple class or variable categories in their corresponding managers.
  • The top element shortcut icons could overlap with the class input.
  • Commented code is now saved in the database even if no further keyup event is triggered in SuperPower CSS.
  • Left tab shortcuts no longer require a double click to switch panels when the CSS tab with SuperPower CSS enabled is active.
  • AT Modals won’t close anymore when the mouse button is released outside of the modal, but whena mouse down event is fired.
  • Right-click of the mouse no longer triggers the Resizable function of the Structure Pane.
  • And various others.


A better Strict Editor View


In this release, we’ve enhanced the Strict Editor View with some exciting new features. Now, within the builder, you’ll find toggles that allow you to enable or disable controls for individual elements, rather than affecting all elements within the same category. This means you can tailor the editing experience to your exact specifications, giving you the power to handpick every control accessible to your clients. Additionally, we’ve introduced several bug fixes and UX improvements to further enhance the Strict Editor View.


New Default Settings to get started in no time!


We’ve revamped all default Theme Settings values to align with my official recommendations, which you can explore in detail here: It’s worth noting that these default values will be applied during a fresh installation of Advanced Themer or if you manually reset the AT Theme settings. Your existing settings won’t be affected. Additionally, we’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to enforce the Default Color Scheme (light or dark mode) for first-time visitors to your site.


Let’s say goodbye to some tweaks…


It’s time to bid farewell to some older tweaks! We’ve deprecated the Media Queries indicators and the “expand spacing” switch, as they have both been integrated natively in version 1.9.8. You’ll also notice that all the Global CSS variable categories in the backend have been removed, as they are now managed inside the builder. Additionally, the ACSS & Core Framework integrations inside the Variable Picker are no longer available, as they have both released their own variable pickers.


ACF new bundling policy


In this release, the new ACF restrictions will be enforced. If you purchased AT before April 1st, 2024, and wish to continue utilizing ACF’s pro fields, you’ll need to manually reactivate your license. Failure to reactivate won’t disrupt the frontend, but you’ll lose the ability to modify pro fields until the license is reactivated. If you purchased AT on or after April 1st, there are no changes to AT functionalities. However, you’ll need a premium ACF license to access and manage PRO custom fields and post types outside of AT.


Focus Point

Have you ever struggled to set the perfect focus point for your images across various browser sizes? Say goodbye to those challenges! With the new focus point feature in Advanced Themer, you can effortlessly drag and drop the ideal focus point for any image or background-image. The function dynamically calculates the optimal object position while previewing different aspect ratios, ensuring your images look perfect across all devices.


Hide/Remove Element

Advanced Themer introduces advanced element visibility options to enhance your workflow. With this feature, you can choose to hide a specific element within the builder without affecting its visibility on the frontend. Conversely, you can disable an element from the frontend while keeping it visible and editable within the builder.


Merge Global Classes

Have you found yourself creating numerous global classes on an element, each with its own style? Now, rather than getting lost in an endless copy/paste process, you can merge all existing styles into a single, well-organized class with just one click! The merge global class feature centralizes styles from all active global classes into a newly created global class of your choice, eliminating the need for copy/paste.


Text to Speech converter

Introducing the Text to Speech AI feature, your ultimate solution for converting text into lifelike speech! With this innovative tool, simply input your text, select the desired voice and adjust the speed to your preference. Sit back and experience your text come to life as it is seamlessly transformed into natural-sounding speech right inside the builder. You can even save the generated audio as a .mp3 file. Say goodbye to manual reading – let the power of AI do the talking for you!


Left tab shortcuts required a double click to switch panels when the CSS tab with SuperPowerCSS enabled was active.

Before 2.6, a conflict existed between the "Left tabs shortcuts" and "SuperPower CSS," requiring users to double-click any left shortcut when the custom CSS tab was active. This issue has been resolved in this release.

New option to force a specific default color scheme on the frontend.

A highly-requested enhancement for Color Scheme management was to enable the option to enforce a specific Color Scheme when a user initially loads the website, regardless of the user's preferred color scheme settings. Now, you can override the user's preferred color scheme and load either light mode or dark mode by default. Please note that…

New control visibility options in Strict Edit View.

Version 2.5 introduced the capability to enable/disable any control field related to an element, applying these settings to all instances of the same element across the entire site. However, the community has expressed a strong desire for more granular control. Now, you can disable controls for a specific element without affecting others—a feature highly requested…

Updated the delimiter from white space to comma when adding multiple class or variable categories in their corresponding managers.

In AT managers (for both classes and variables), you can add multiple categories at once by separating each one with a specific delimiter. Before version 2.6, the delimiter was a space. Therefore, typing "New Category" would create two separate categories: "New" and "Category" which was not ideal. In version 2.6, the delimiter has been changed…

“Extend spacing controls” tweak is now compatible with the new core spacing controls introduced in 1.9.8.

With the introduction of the new expanded spacing controls in Bricks 1.9.8, the CSS for the "Extend spacing controls" tweak in AT needed to be upgraded. Both features are now compatible in 2.6.

The top element shortcut icons could overlap with the class input.

In some cases, a css error could generate an overlap between the top element shortcuts and the class input of Bricks. The CSS has been tweaked to avoid such bug.

Commented code not saved in the database if no further keyup was triggered.

In a recent release of AT, a new feature was introduced allowing users to comment their CSS code within SuperPower CSS by simply clicking on a dedicated icon. Previously, the effectiveness of this action was contingent upon a subsequent action, such as continuing to type within the editor. Without further interaction, the commented code wouldn't…

“Hide the Dynamic Data trigger” in Strict Editor View wasn’t including the dynamic icon inside Rich Text Elements.

Although the dynamic data icon was properly hidden in all Basic Text elements within the Strict Editor View when the "Hide the Dynamic Data trigger" tweak was enabled, it failed to hide the corresponding icon inside Rich Text elements, allowing clients to potentially tamper with it. This issue has been resolved in this release.

In Strict Editor View, the “revisions” tab wasn’t visible anymore.

When using the Strict Editor View, your clients couldn't see the "revision" tab anymore - some CSS forced the tab to be hidden. This has been fixed in this release.

The “left panel visibility” tweak in Strict Editor View was hiding “History”, “Pages” or “Settings” permanently.

When the "left panel visibility" tweak was enabled inside the Strict Editor View, clicking on the top bar shortcuts "History", "Pages" or "Settings" wouldn't show the corresponding left panel. This has been fixed in this release.